Met CORAX ECOM+ haal je de allernieuwste logistieke software in huis. Met het all-in SaaS bedrag zijn alle kosten overzichtelijk en duidelijk.

1 PC user & 1 Paktafel user
2 Scan users
2 webshop plugins of your choice
API integration for custom plugins
Integration with shipping software
Process an unlimited number of orders
Efficient order picking (wave picking)
Automatic packing slips/label printing
CORAX ECOM+ iPhone App (inbound, storage, outbound)
Import CSV files
Export CSV files
Accurate order control
KPIs (for customer billing)
Customer portal (unlimited number of customers)

* All prices are excluding VAT. Additional simultaneous users or plugins can be purchased individually starting from €29 per month.

** The costs for using the shipping software itself (DeliveryMatch, Paazl, nShift, SendCloud, or WICSSend) are not included in the pricing.